We Have Seen This Trick A Thousand Times. But This Little Girl’s Reaction Is Such A Treasure!

Little kids are a pleasure to watch and play with, and tease a little bit, of course. They believe everything you do, so it is pretty easy to fool them. You could tell them you’re from Mars and they would believe you. But being innocent is part of their charm and it makes them so easy to be with.

The steal your nose trick is one of the oldest in the book, but it is still entertaining and one that every parent and grandparent uses. But sometimes kids don’t react the way we think, or hope, they will.

This little daddy’s girl in the video is no exception. Her dad decided to film his first attempt at entertaining his little girl with this trick. When her dad did the age old “nose stealing” trick on her, she got scared a worried at first. She thought he really took her nose, and I’m sure she thought she was going to look funny the rest of her life!

But when she was consoled by her parents, her fear turned to joy and the video got a lot cuter! Once she understood the trick, she wanted her daddy to do it over and over again. I’m sure she’s thinking of who she could play this trick on next! If she has a younger sibling, they better watch out because she’s sure to test this trick on them.

Watch this little girl congratulating her dad on a job well done. This will bring a smile to your face!


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