When He Sees A Doorstopper For The First Time, This Pup Does Something Ridiculously Adorable!

This 14 month old French bulldog puppy featured in the video is called Carlos. French bulldogs are not only cute and cuddly, they are very playful and easily entertained by objects, not just toys. But I think this Frenchie has found himself a new toy, and his owner didn’t even have to leave the house.

When Carlos came across a door stopper, he discovered a fascinating and addictive toy too! He looked a bit scared at first after it made a bit of noise when he pawed at it, and he even went to hide behind the wall, but half a second later, nothing can stop this puppy from playing with it. I think that noise it makes turned out to be a reward.

He bites and paws at the defenseless doorstopper and it is so adorable! He is quite the inquisitive fellow! Look at his ears and the surprised look on his face. Bulldogs have kind of a grumpy face, so when they become playful, it looks even more hilarious! This dog is no exception because he is super cute.

I think this dog might be on to something. I wonder if pet stores have seen this clip. They might just have to start carrying these stoppers in their toy section! Carlos sure does think it is a great source of entertainment. I wonder if he will ever figure out how it actually works.

Watch this adorable video below! Have you seen your dog do something like this? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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