She Sees Man Throw Sack In River. When She Realizes What’s Inside Immediately Dives In After It

Everyone loves small animals, right? Well, not really. I know most of us do, but there are people that not only don’t love dogs or animals for that matter and they will sometimes go to great lengths to harm them or to just plain get rid of them if it is their choice to do so. Whenever we hear stories like these, it usually makes us sick of just the fact of realizing the level of cruelty many people display not only towards animals, but it takes a whole different tone when this cruelty is directed to puppies, who are not only unaware of what in stored for them, but also of the plain evil some people have in them.

It was just another typical day for a California native who was in the vicinity of the Mokelumne River. When she was looking at the river from a distance, she could see that something was up. She sees this man with a burlap sack and it appears that he is throwing something in the river. Then, suddenly she realizes what was in the sack and she knew that she had to do something and not let those poor puppies meet the fate that the man had drawn for them.

Now, some people might hesitate at the thought of going into a big river and might just plain avoid it, but not for this California native who by the way chooses to remain anonymous, not for fear of anything happening to her, but for the fact that goodness and kindness should not be specific to one person or name, but should remain a value that is ubiquitous in our great country.

One thing is thinking of going into a big river, where currents and debris inside of it might cause one to drown, and another thing is actually going in there and not knowing if you yourself might need some saving of your own. So, this California woman summons all her courage and determination and dives inside the river to try to get these puppies to safety.

The current of this river makes it very difficult for her to stay afloat, but at least she can swim, she knows that what she is seeing the man thrown into the river has a much less chance to make it on their own, or to last very long in there for that matter.

She rushes to get them and finally gets the back to shore, she then sees something that shocks her, it appears that one of the little critters did not manage to make it alive, she knows CPR and she knows what it might also help this little one in distress.