She Sees Strange Box At Bus Stop, Goes For Closer Look And Hears Crying…

London is known for it’s cold, cloudy weather, but it is not always like that. One day, it was unusually hot there, one of the hottest of the year. Suddenly a passerby noticed something that seemed odd and out of place and she was waiting for the buss. It was a cardboard box, apparently someone had just left it there unattended, but upon closer inspection, it turned out that the box had duct tape on it and appeared to be concealing something.

She starts to examine the box and hears something crying inside, starts to check, opens the box and she finds three small kittens staring back at her. She could not believe it! How can someone be so cruel and leave these three kittens in this closed box to die like this? She rushed to have them checked by someone and remembered she could take them to the Mayhew Animal Home in London.

This is a place that takes care of animals that have been abandoned by their owners, or that their owners cannot look after them anymore. There, they immediately received treatment and a general evaluation. Doctors examined them closely to make sure none of them were suffering from hyperthermia. After the examination, it was concluded that they were OK.

Now, because staff at Mayhew’s Animal Welfare was not sure how long the kittens had been in the box for, inly knowing that they were very hot and obviously extremely scared, Tania Mazzoni, an Officer there, takes them to their Vet Clinic to be thoroughly checked over and to find out for sure if there was something wrong with them.

After their thorough examination, they decided to name the 11-week-old tortoiseshell kittens Jackie, Jenny, and James and prepared them to be adopted. Part of this preparations include getting them their vaccinations and having them spayed and neutered, so they are ready to go and stay with a family.

No one really knows what made that person leave these sweet kittens in that sealed up box that day. Perhaps the person who abandoned them thought doing so would make them easier to spot and they would be found quickly, or maybe the person just didn’t like kittens and acted out on cruelty. Will the kittens be able to rebound from such a traumatic ordeal? We know that animals adapt to anything very quickly, but these kittens were actually very close to dying.