Selfless Big Rig Truck Drivers Are Heroes During Chaos of Coronavirus Pandemic

As we continue to learn more and more information about the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen who the government considers essential. Everyone from nurses to fast-food workers, there’s a large group of people left unrecognized – big rig truck drivers.

There are over three million people who work as truck drivers every day in the United States. During this strange time, we should give thanks to these individuals, as they’re working hard to bring supplies to grocery stores and hospitals.

Jesse Paez is one of many truck drivers who has been working tirelessly since this pandemic started. “I know all of us truck drivers are putting ourselves in harm’s way, but we have to,” Paez says, “It’s our jobs.”

Businesses have put several new safety measures in place to keep everyone safe, including truck drivers. With a lack of gas stations and rest stops open, truckers are having a hard time getting through the day. Hopefully, this sheds a little bit of light into what these hard-working folks are going through to keep our pantries stocked.