Selfless Men Give Abandoned Baby Cow Second Chance at Life

Whether during a college course or an evening hanging out with our friends, sometimes a question of morals will come into play. What would you do if you found a bag full of money is one of the more common questions that allows you to see someone for who they are.

While visiting Mannar’s western island in Sri Lanka, a group of tourists found themselves in a real-life moral dilemma. As they were walking on the nearly deserted beach, they came across a lifeless baby cow in the sand.

After a short inspection, they found that the cow was still breathing and attempted to give it water to drink. Assuming it had almost drowned, they picked up the calf and walked around to find help.

Luckily, they walked by a Navy hut that could assist with the poor cow. A man led them to the Department of Wildlife Conservation to give the adorable calf a second chance at a healthy and happy life.