Senior chihuahua undergoes incredible weight loss transformation


Chihuahua’s have always been known to be incredibly cute, as well as hilarious. It’s hard to not stop and admire one when you see them walking on the streets or at an adoption center.


For one woman, when she spotted Shorty, the senior chihuahua, at an adoption event, she simply couldn’t help herself but take him home. Shorty needed some serious loving.

Overweight, senior, and out of shape, Shorty had been with the same owner his entire life—until she passed away. Now Shorty needed a new home to love him in his senior years.

Woman and Chihuahua

Shorty was so convincing that this last wasn’t even at the store to adopt a dog, but after seeing Shorty, she knew that she had no other choice but to take him home with her.

Weighing 18 pounds when adopted, Shorty was massively overweight. After exercise, proper medication, and being fed a regular diet, Shorty returned to a healthy weight that allowed him to have more energy.


The before and after images of Shorty highlighting his weight loss are absolutely incredible. Even in his old age, this chihuahua had the perseverance to live a healthier life.

Shorty’s transformation has been so incredible for him. Having the energy to play and live a great dog’s life, Shorty has discovered a whole new way of living and is enjoying his senior years.

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