A senior chimp is so sick she won’t eat. But watch what happens when she sees a friend!

Mama is a 59-year-old chimpanzee. For most chimps, this is when they are living their golden years. She was not able to eat food or water as the other chimps could and for the most part, she was merely looking to pass away in peace. Mama was born in the wild and was eventually transported to a zoo in the Netherlands. It took her very little time become a strong presence there. According to her caretakers, she became the dominant matriarch in her colony faster than they had seen others do before.

As a result, she became very famous. Today, she is a mere shadow of what she once was. Her age and health have left her bedridden. She might be a chimp, but Mama knows she is nearing the final days in her life. The rest of the colony pretty much agrees with her estimation. It was heartwarming to see the chimps saying their goodbyes to one another and Mama seemed ready to go to a better place.

She had said goodbye to most people except for Jan van Hooff, a professor who had become Mama’s friend.
They had known each other since 1972. Jan is responsible for co-founding the colony where Mama lives. A week before she passed, Jan went to visit her. Mama looked like she was about to pass away that day, but something happened when the man talked to her in hushed tones.

Immediately Mama’s whole demeanor changed, and she took notice of his presence. The chimp went from being weak and sick to being emotional and excited. Once she saw Jan, you could tell that all her memories of him came flying back. She looked overwhelmed with happiness. When she saw Jan, she grinned and they both embraced. Just try to watch this without a box of tissues next to you. It is impossible not to be moved by it!

Jan went to visit Mama last May. He was contacted by the zoo and told of what would eventually happen. The medical staff there had already done everything they could. It would only be a matter of time. So, if he wanted to say goodbye to her, this would be the time to do it. When he got there, it was just in the nick of time. According to the caretakers, she would have probably passed away before, if it hadn’t been for the visit.

This shows you of the power that love has. Imagine, if love can do this to a chimp who is almost about to pass, what do you think it can do if you show love to the person next to you? If you want to be the witness of the power of human touch and love, click on the video. Remember to have a box of tissues nearby!