They Were Separated During The Rescue. But When They Are Reunited? I Couldn’t Hold My Tears!

You might have seen many unusual friendship videos that might have surprised you and even touched your heart, but trust me this one is far more special than all of them. This video shows the attachment and friendship of two friends who spent a miserable life together, but got separated when they were rescued.

Mr. G, a goat and Jellybean, a donkey lived together in miserable filth. They were eventually rescued and taken to rescue places but separately. The rescuers were unaware of the bond the two had formed with each other. Mr. G was taken by the farm sanctuary Animal Place while Jellybean was taken to another sanctuary.

Soon enough, the rescuers of Animal Place started noticing that something was wrong with Mr. G. He had stopped eating and wouldn’t go outside for six days, and he just sat depressed in his stall. They soon realized that he was missing his brother Jellybean and was feeling lonely and scared without him. So they planned to reunite them.

A man from the sanctuary agreed to drive 14 hours to pick up Jellybean. Once they were reunited, Mr. G became a different animal.  You have to see his face when he senses Jellybean is nearby. Within twenty minutes, Mr. G began eating. The people at Animal Place had never taken in a burro before, but they were sure glad they took in Jellybean. These two friends sure are special.

Watch how these two brothers react when they get reunited. This will definitely touch your heart!

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