Service Dog Absolutely ADORES Fire Trucks. Wait Until You See What He Gets For His Birthday!

There are some weird things that keep our pets amused. My cats like to watch the grounds crew work outside our place, for example. Oh, sure, they bird-watch too, but if one of them comes by with a leaf blower, it’s like a day at the theater for those two. Then we have this dog that we see in this video who likes something that mostly children do. It’s pretty cool to see what his parents do to indulge his obsession.

We see a service dog named Maddox who is a big fire engine enthusiast. Every time one drives by, he can’t resist howling along with it. I know, this isn’t something that’s unique to just him – my old dog used to do the same thing and she would also howl when the air raid siren would go off daily at my parent’s beach house. I think it’s something to do with the sound frequency, but Maddox can’t get enough of them… so his mommy and daddy gave him a really cool birthday present… a trip to the local fire department!

Maddox loves looking at the fire engine. This is the thing that he loves barking and howling along with every day. How cool! He probably wishes that it could be his birthday every day. Well, maybe not if he has to wear that outfit all the time… but he likes it today. The firemen were all smitten with him too. They all wanted to pet him. To celebrate, they turned on the siren on the fire truck and he started howling along!

There were some people speculating in the comments that it was hurting Maddox’s ears, but if it really bothered him, he would have been looking to get away from the sound. That’s not the case – his tail is still wagging when the siren goes off right next to him. It’s a great gesture on the part of the fire department… I just wonder if their neighbors thought there were a lot of fires in the area with the siren going off.

I loved fire trucks when I was growing up. My son loves them too. How about you? Do you have pets that like things like fire trucks? Tell us all about it in the comments! Also please “Like” us on Facebook.

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