Service Dog Is Brought To This Prison Yard For An Unexpected Reunion…

When we describe our dogs as being our “best friends,” this is no exaggeration. There are truly no other animals that can develop such intense bonds and become so excited when they are around the person they love more than anything else in the world.

When Iraq War veteran Bill Campbell returned to the states, he was diagnosed with PTSD and put on full disability. In order to help him transition back into normal civilian life, he was provided a service dog, a yellow Labrador retriever named Pax.

Together, these two formed an incredible bond that helped Bill make it through the most difficult parts of his transition. He grew to love this dog very deeply and wanted to meet the person who had trained Pax to be such an amazing dog.

In this video, Pax and Bill travel to the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility where Pax received his initial training. Pax quickly recognizes where they are and begins to show excitement. Soon, Pax is reunited with the trainer he hasn’t seen in years. This is a truly beautiful moment caught on video, but the most amazing part comes just after the reunion when we finally hear the trainer’s story.

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