Service Dog On A Disney Cruise Goes Bananas When He Gets To Meet Pluto On Deck

Can you imagine meeting your idol? I once got to meet Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason at a book signing, and I, to this day, can’t remember what I said. He was very gracious and just smiled at my likely gibberish. He may have just been being typically British polite. But what would you do if you were a dog and saw a giant version of Pluto (the character, not the ex-planet) right in front of you on a Disney cruise? This video shows that result.

First, we see this service dog going bonkers over Pluto. He doesn’t know what to make of this, but he’s very excited. His daddy, who is wheelchair-bound, is thrilled to see his pooch having a blast. Then again, Disney cruises are supposed to be fun for EVERYONE. Why wouldn’t a dog be included?


Later on, we see a view from a balcony above the scene. It’s clear that everyone is smitten watching this. The person who is playing Pluto -sorry, hate to burst your bubble there – clearly has experience with dogs. They don’t move too fast, they get down low and show that they are submissive to the pooch, so as to not accidentally make him or her aggressive.

When the mascot extends their hand, er paw, it’s done very slowly. The service dog doesn’t care in the end; he’s in heaven. There are those who think that service dogs must remain robotic and just remain vigilant while watching the person who is under their care. His daddy clearly told him that it was OK to play with “Pluto” on the ship. Don’t miss this pooch getting so excited over Disney’s favorite pooch, Pluto, in the video below.

Service Dog On A Disney Cruise Goes Bananas When He Gets To Meet Pluto On Deck