He Set A Camera To See What His Dog Does When They Aren’t Home. What It Recorded? OMG!

Dogs are pretty intelligent. Those of you that don’t believe me, watch the following video! This dog named Lucy is always getting into trouble. When her owners come back home, they always notice that something is out of the ordinary or not the way the left it. Sometimes the chair is moved, sometimes there are footprints on the counter.

When the owners invited their friends over one day, they found out that Lucy was over at the large oven door gobbling down their dinner. So they decided to set her up. He fixed a camera and put chicken nuggets inside the oven and left for the grocery store. But the footage he captured? Look for yourself!

This dog Is not only clever, she is determined! She’s a beagle and she’s in the kitchen in search of chicken nuggets. Of course, the oven wasn’t really on. It’s a toaster over this sits on the counter. She hears the bell go off, and immediately starts looking for a way to get on the counter. Wait until you see how she figures out how to get up there. I’m not going to tell you.

Once she’s up there, she knows exactly where to go. She opens the oven door and pulls the pan out of the oven onto the floor, and then hops down for her chicken nugget feast. Oh my! I bet this family had the surprise of their life when they watched this footage!

Watch Lucy in the video below! That dog is seriously VERY clever! Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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