She Set Up A Hidden Camera. Now Watch What The Cat Does… WOW!

It’s the season for giving but do you know what your cat wants for Christmas? Well, our friends at Buzzfeed decided to bring a yuletide treat with an animal twist. In this video, it is an adorable look into the hearts and minds of felines at holiday time.

The video starts with the curious cat asking, “Who invented Christmas? Was it a cat? Must have been some kind of genius!”

The cat goes on to discover her owners decorating the tree and wrapping presents. The cat plays with the pine tree and shiny ribbons. It’s truly adorable as the cat asking all the important questions about the holiday and try to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Finally at 1:45, the cat wakes up on Christmas Day and discovers her present under the tree: cat treats. Just wait until you see the cat’s reaction to her gifts. So adorable!

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