They set up a hidden camera to watch their dog while at work. LOOK what it captured!

As many hilarious hidden camera clips have proven, when their owners are away, pets love to play! Most of the time they are just trying to steal food and who can blame them – dog food doesn’t look appetizing to anyone. But recently one dog was caught on tape trying to steal something far more interesting, and filled with holiday spirit!

Suzy the beagle has a strange addiction: she can’t get enough of playing with those shiny Christmas tree bulb ornaments. One look to make sure mom and dad are truly away from home… and she is off to the races!

The first thing Suzy does after mom and dad leave the house is hop up on the couch to guarantee that they aren’t coming back anytime soon. Clearly this pup isn’t stupid and doesn’t want to get in any trouble – yet still she can’t resist those shiny, bright bulbs just begging to be thrown around.

Seconds later, she grabs a low-hanging ornament with her teeth and flings it across the room, beginning a session of solo back-and-forth fetch unlike anything I have ever seen! Dogs might try and behave themselves while we are around, but there is no doubt that these playful pups love going crazy once their owners are out of the house.

What’s the craziest thing that your dog has done while you were out of the house? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!