Set The Perfect Tone For Christmas With Peter Hollens Astounding Acapella Original ‘December Song’

The hymn ‘December Song’ inspires thoughts of holiday cheer and festive celebrations, as Peter Hollens delivers one of his most powerful acapella performances ever. The harmony of this original takes our soul and lifts it to a place of praise & joy, capturing the essence of Christmas in each word.

Peter shows the world that he’s far more than just an amazing cover artist. This original track suits his voice, energy, and enthusiasm perfectly, making it a must-have for any Christmas music collection. Joyful, honest, and honoring the holiday with an emotional outpouring of flawless harmony, it’s a must-hear from his album ‘A Hollens Family Christmas.’

The power and delivery of the original hymn ‘December Song’ by Peter Hollens leaves one searching for more sensational songwriting from one of the best Christmas cover artists around. It’s not only a magnificent showcase of this singer’s acapella range but also his talent as a lyricist & original artist.