She Sets Her Cat Down And Grabs The Camera. What She Captures? HYSTERICAL!

Cats think that they’re pretty slick. They think they have the quickest reflex animals and the most expert sneaking abilities, but sometimes, especially when cats are still learning, they can make themselves look pretty silly.

Photographer Carli Davidson was able to capture some of the silliest moments and share them with us. In this photo series called Shake Cats will see all kinds of felines caught mid-shake. Cats usually shake their hands to relieve an itch and they move too fast the human eye to see the subtleties.

But in these photos we can to see just how goofy and floppy faced they are looking. As we all know, seeing Cats doing something silly is what the Internet was made for. This collection of Davidson’s photos shows us silly sides of even the most regal of cats.

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