She sets up a hidden camera to see what her dogs do when she’s not home.

Have you ever wondered what your dogs do the minute you leave home? I always wondered that, but my best guess was that he would be looking for food. You see, Labradors are the type of dogs who are always hungry. It doesn’t matter the time of day or if they have just eaten, these dogs are always ready for chow-time.

After seeing a bunch of videos on the Internet, I decided to carry out my own experiment. I got a GoPro and hooked the dog up. I would be gone for about an hour and when I came back, I would check the recording. So, the time for the experiment was up and after turning on the camera, I said goodbye to the dog. When I came back, this is what I saw.

The first thing the dog did was go to the window and watch me leave. He then barked and stayed by the window for a couple of minutes. Later, he went upstairs to my bed where he knows he’s not supposed to be. He probably remembered that because he only stayed there for about two minutes and then he got off the bed very fast.

He decided it was time to visit the kitchen. I didn’t leave anything within a dog’s reach, so after sniffing a little bit, he went to check his doggie dish to see if there was any food there. He might have thought, “what if he doesn’t return for days?” After that, he went to the backyard through the doggie door and that almost knocked the GoPro off him (Why didn’t I think of that as a possibility?).

He then went back to the window to see if I had returned. And the next few minutes it was him going to the bedroom, then the kitchen and lastly the window. That’s all he did until I came back. To be honest, it was touching for me to see that the dog would think of me most of the time I was not there. The rest of the time he seemed to be trying to distract himself from all that thinking.

I’ve seen more videos like this and I can say that each dog is different. I guess it depends on the type of relationship the owner has with the dog or how close they are. A very fun video is the one you are about to see. The owner wants to answer the question of what her dog does when she’s not home. So, to all of you who have always wondered what your dog did in your absence, here is the answer!