Seven Adult Children Surprise Dad On His Own TV Show. I Was So Moved By The Whole Thing.

When it comes down to it, the most important job out there for a mother or a father is being a good parent. You can get as many accolades as you like for your work, but that will ring hollow if your kids look at you with sullen resentment. It’s easy to rationalize it as something you had to do to keep food on the table. That’s understandable if you are a single parent, I can look past that, but if there’s a second support person there, then also spending time with your children is imperative.

That’s never been more obvious than when Steve Harvey’s wife and kids surprised him on the set of his show for his birthday. They wanted to tell him what they thought of him – it was all good. This is Steve Harvey, not Jerry Springer. Each one took about a minute to tell him what he meant to them, something kind that he had done for them. The stories ranged from buying bikes for them for Christmas to his taking them into his family after marrying their mother. It was very touching.

Hearing these kids… well, now adults, tell Harvey about the things he had done for them and their appreciation for it – let’s just say that he wasn’t the only man crying. I hope that one day, my son feels the same way about me as these kids do. Yes, he’s a famous man with a bunch of shows… which means he’s always working, but he did it to make sure that there was never any financial burden. Plus, the fame can come and go. It’s always about the work.

The most poignant moment was when Harvey told his children that his life was no longer about himself. He was working for them, not himself. “I want you to love someone more than you love yourself,” he said while choking back tears. It was very clear that he worships the ground his wife walks on and he loves his kids something fierce. That’s the way family should be and that devotion is clearly reciprocated here.

What a moving video. Harvey was overwhelmed here. Were you? I had to reach for a tissue at the end of it. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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