These Seven Dogs Are Waiting For Dinner Time! When You See The Trick They Do, You’ll Be SHOCKED!

The video we will show you today is one of my own personal favorites, and you’ll soon see why! It’s a clip of a man feeding some dogs and letting them demonstrate their incredible training and discipline. It shows seven adult dogs waiting for meal time, and the owner carefully serving each one of their plates. The dogs are not allowed to eat until he lets them, and so they patiently wait without even considering eating without their owners’ permission. Even when he puts the bowls right in front of them, they do not move!

If you’ve ever tried to trained a dog, you know that seeing a moment like this one is not common at all. It’s very hard to teach dogs this level of control and obedience, but it makes for a very rewarding experience. But these pups’ concentration is a great example of master training! I especially loved the black and white one, who doesn’t even look at the plate when his owner puts it on the ground. He keeps his eyes on the trainer until he gives the order! He must be the smartest dog of the whole class!

Don’t miss this dogs and their amazing trick, in the video right below!

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