Seven Men Walked Onstage With Robes And Masks And You Won’t Believe It When They Reveal Themselves

This video features a variety act from Britain’s Got Talent in 2010. It was auditions week 4 when a group of seven men in robes and masks walked on the stage, really giving no indication as to what type of performance this was going to be. Everyone was confused as to what they were going to do, but none of them could have even guessed what was about to hit them. The Chippendoubles managed to leave everyone in shock with their unexpected act.

This group consists of professional celebrity lookalikes who are entertainers in their own right and have extensive experience in the industry. They reached the semi-finals in the show and even after leaving, they have been very popular with the masses. Their motto is “Expect The Unexpected” and it certainly holds true in this performance. As I was watching it, I wondered who came up with this idea and managed to get all seven of these guys together to do it. Wait till you see what this amazing group has up its sleeve! I’m not going to spoil it by telling you, so you will just have to watch it for yourself.

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