Seven puppies are born but where they are born is the clincher

One of the saddest things in the world is not having a place to call home. There are many out there who are wanderers, with no set destination in sight, merely a need to get out and explore. I can appreciate this idea, though I doubt I’d have enough courage to actually wander without the security of a place to come back to, a rest stop in-between travels to rest my weary head and aching bones. I’ve found that while there are many different people who have different takes when it comes to being a wanderer or ronin back in the old days, I think we can all agree- it’s not easy.

Ever since the advent of manifest destiny, the idea of owning land has been very influential in most aspects of our lives. Whether it’s to become betrothed to someone back in the day or just a place of sanctuary after a long day. A place to do the essentials and non-essential tasks that make us a society with civility.

Yet, for some people as well as animals, being homeless is like being caught in a whirlpool. It never gets easier, it’s continuous, and at times the idea of escaping or surviving can be fleeting. With animals, I’m sure they have the sympathy of others, much as humans do, but their inability to communicate their intentions makes most weary of approaching.

Yet, thanks to these dedicated animal rescue workers, this mother and her puppies get the happy ending they so rightfully deserve.

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