Seven tell tale signs you’re an old soul

According to people who believe in reincarnation, when a person dies it’s only their physical body that ceases to exist. Their soul lives on and starts life over again in a new body, part of an endlessly repeating cycle of life, death, and rebirth. With each iteration, the soul becomes wiser, more mature, more knowledgeable, and most importantly, more spiritually connected with the universe. Often we pick up on this, noticing that someone is an “old soul,” wise beyond their years. They’re often quiet types, carefully observing and learning. We usually find it relaxing to be in their presence. If you suspect that you or someone you know is an old soul, how can you really tell ? There are some common traits.

Old souls have excellent self-awareness. This means they know who they are and don’t try to be anything else. They’re comfortable in their own skin, in other words. Related to this is their tendency to be highly empathetic. They’re better at relating to how others are feeling and understanding what they’re going through. An old soul is deeply affected by the people around them, to the point of experiencing other people’s emotions as their own.

Old souls have a way of seeing the big picture. They know the grand scheme of things and how everything and everyone are tied together. They don’t get bogged down in the travails of daily life and avoid becoming self-centered. They’re considering the future and the consequences of their thoughts and actions. In fact, old souls are so in tune with the grand scheme of things that they often have foresight, a kind of precognition in which allows them to sense what’s going to happen in advance.

Independence is another hallmark of the old soul. They do their own thing, knowing that what really matters isn’t material things, power, or success. Old souls are peaceful people who don’t like petty drama.

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