Seventy-year-old woman waits for some guests to arrive. Their identity is amazing!

Can you imagine living your life knowing that you had siblings but you didn’t know where they were. It would feel like a certain part of you was missing that whole time. Sure, you might live a rewarding life, but knowing that there was blood of yours out there that you had yet to see face to face, that might be consuming. Luckily for Sandi, the woman in this video, the story had a great ending.

It turned out that Sandi’s mom had an affair with an officer during World War II and that officer then came home and got married. Her mom tracked the dad down, but instead of asking for child support, just asked them to watch little Sandi until she got a job. She spent a little time with them and the officer’s family before her mom came and took her with her. Decades later, Sandi tracked them all down and they were going to meet.

Sandi must have been so nervous meeting these siblings for the first time. I can’t imagine finding out decades later that I had a sibling, let alone three. Their reunion was so sweet, each of her sisters giving her a nice, long hug. It was an emotional time for all three of them and it was like they had spent all those years together, not apart. They had an easy camaraderie with each other.

The internet has made things much easier for people to track down long-lost siblings. That’s both a good and bad thing. There are times that people don’t want to be found and having their privacy disturbed can result in some very hurt feelings all around. Sandi was lucky that her other family members were so understanding, but that was because they had known her as a baby and had thought about her. It’s not always the case.

What an emotion-filled video. I loved it. What did you think of it? Have you had any similar family experiences like this? Please tell us all about them in the comments section.