Several Bison near Yellowstone caught on camera running past cars

Like a scene out of Lion King, countless bison descended upon a highway full of cars. Instead of running into them, the bison politely jogged past them to reach their destination.

Seeing a bison up-close is a very personal experience. They are a rare sight, especially since six of their eight known species are extinct. They are an imposing force, and can easily topple over a car without needing extreme numbers.

This was the thought process when what looked like a literal stampede started on the highway near Yellowstone. But after the cars came in contact with the bison, they simply avoided the obstacles, with children in tow.

This was a surreal to see in real-time as terror quickly turned into awe. The cars became spectators as they watched what could very well be the last of the bison run past their vehicles. They were all different sizes and shapes, with some of them having truly unique hair and facial features.

Lamar Valley Bridge is connected to some of the best tourist attractions on earth. This will make interest in the area greater, as people want to witness the last of the bison family.

The American bison is the most common type tourists will run into. They are legendary animals, and are often credited for making paths before roads became widespread. In many ways, they were part of the building blocks for the modern world we know today.

Several Bison near Yellowstone caught on camera running past cars