She Was Severely Abused And NO ONE Could Heal Her Broken Spirit, Until THIS Happened! AMAZING!

Animal Aid Unlimited is an animal sanctuary and hospital service located in Rajasthan, India. They rescue a large number of abandoned and injured street animals every year. This story is about an abused dog that was wounded nearly to the point of death.

The abusers had done some gruesome things like tying wire through her mouth and it had been there, probably since she was a puppy, because as she grew, the wire almost sliced her head in half. She was emaciated and had a huge open wound from ear to ear. When the rescuers cut the wire and tried to take it out of her mouth, they had to pry her jaws open.

After her rescue, she was depressed and nothing seemed to patch up her heart. It took a long time for her wounds to heal, but while she accepted the loving touch of the workers, she didn’t play or interact with the other animals. Even though her injuries healed, her spirit was wrecked.

Then everything changed, suddenly. One day, she met another dog at the sanctuary. It was love at first sight. She met her best friend and the two are inseparable now. What follows after that is beautiful!

Her rescuers named her Grace, and she is still healing in many ways. Please consider sponsoring her so her healing can continue. Animal Aid helps so many abused and neglected animals in Rajasthan. They need help too.

Watch this amazing video below! Let us know your thoughts about animal abusers and their respective punishments in the comments!

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