Shakira Leading Disney’s Zootopia Will Have The Whole Family Singing Along

Who could be better to lead a magical Disney Family Singalong than the superstar songbird Shakira? Let the star take you through a beautiful rendition of “Try Everything” from the animated feature film Zootopia.

The Disney Family Singalongs are always a lot of fun. This time around, Shakira has joined in on the fun for a Volume II performance of Zootoopia’s “Try Everything” that’s instantly classically catchy.

Backed by the visuals from the Oscar-nominated feature film, this Disney Family Singalong is an entrancing, magical journey that’ll compel you to sing as loud as you can as soon as you hear Shakira’s unmissable voice.

With all the lyrics on-screen and shots of Shakira herself singing the iconic track, it’s an animated extravaganza that’s equally as touching in its message and meaning as the song is fun and fabulous.

Shakira Leading Disney\'s Zootopia Will Have The Whole Family Singing Along