Shania Twain Does An Amazing Performance Along With Her Horse! You Cannot Miss It!

Live music shows are always a treat; there is something particularly mesmerizing about hearing the voices at the natural pitch in the heady atmosphere of a concert. The huge crowd singing in unison; the amazing feelings of becoming part of a whole; cheering the encore; all of these are parts of the concert experience.  Some of the shows are absolutely insane with fire, explosions and other incredible theatrical effects. Bands like Iron Maiden introduced huge and detailed stage props to give the live a more opera-like feel.

Now there are some performers who prefer the no-frills option and opt for more classic shows, which may remind us of poetry recitals, such as Dido or Celine Dion. Shania Twain is a stunning singer who doesn’t typically use fancy stunts, except for maybe this onstage performance. In this particular moment, the country superstar rides out in front of the crowd at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on her horse. She then proceeds to deliver a captivating performance alongside her special guest and partner.

I’m not sure what’s more impressive: how well she handled the horse or singing while atop a horse. In either case, I was completely mesmerized.

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