She Asks Her Dogs Who Made The Mess. Keep Your Eyes On The White Dog.

This next video is a classic case of the “who done its”. Only this time, it’s not much of a mystery at all. The video starts with mama asking her puppies who made a mess in the house. That may seem like a silly thing to do, considering dogs can’t answer back. Or can they?

They may not have used words, but the answer was loud and clear. Two of the dogs ratted the other one out! How hilarious! What’s even funnier was that the guilty one didn’t even try to play dumb. You could see it all over her face. She was caught red handed, or should I say, red pawed!

Wanting the guilty dog to fess up, mama asked once more who was responsible for the mess. She named each of her puppies off one by one, asking them if they were responsible for making the mess in the house. When mama confronted the guilty dog, she made it abundantly clear that she was responsible. Probably not in the way that you’d think, but it was absolutely hilarious anyway!

Isn’t it crazy that our dogs can communicate with us without saying a word! These three were able to tell their mama about who made the mess loud and clear. You won’t believe it until you see it. Check them out!

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