She dances so well that my eyes automatically filled in her missing leg

The rise of reality talent shows over the past decade has given TV viewers a chance to discover new and exceptional talent. This montage of contestants features performers with disabilities who shocked the world with their talent.

From ‘India’s Got Talent,’ Subreet Kaur walks on stage with crutches to support her. She has only one leg and tells the judges she is going to dance. The judges and the audience cannot believe how fantastic she is as a dancer.

‘America’s Got Talent’ featured contestant Ben Waites who rolled on stage with his electric wheelchair. He tells the judges he is a Southern gospel singer and vocal coach. He sings ‘True Colors’ with a strong, smooth voice, and he gets a standing ovation from the audience.

In ‘Romania’s Got Talent,’ Lorelai Moşneguţu doesn’t have any arms, but she plays piano with her feet! She starts singing with a beautiful voice and plays along on the piano with her feet. The judges tear up, and the audience gives her a standing ovation. She ends up getting the ‘Golden Buzzer.’

‘America’s Got Talent’ featured Kodi Lee, who walked on stage with a helper because he is blind and autistic. He goes to the piano, and the judges are shocked at what comes next. When Kodi sings, the crowd erupts in applause and admiration. He has a perfect voice, and he receives the ‘Golden Buzzer’ and a standing ovation.

Dante Marvin appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ to sing. He tells the judges, ‘’So, I was born with little bone disease, and I came on Britain’s Got Talent to show other people like myself that even if you’ve got some sort of disability or disadvantage, that you can go as far as your imagination wants to take you!’ Dante sings a song called ‘Don’t Feel Sorry for Me,’ which is filled with humor. He even pokes fun at Simon a few times. The audience loves it!

There are more clips from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’ If you are looking for an inspirational video, this is the right one for you. The performers have talent and grit, and the judges and audience are amazed by their abilities and inner strength.

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She dances so well that my eyes automatically filled in her missing leg