She Found An Egg Lying On The Footpath With A Bird Hatching Out Of It! One Year Later? This Happened!

One year ago Susan Hickman found an egg lying cracked on the ground. What surprised her was there was a tiny chick hatching out of it. She searched to find the nest that had come from but could not find any. So she decided to look after this little guy herself.

She named a little baby bird Klinger. And did her best to be a good momma bird. This video follows Klinger’s journey over his first year. Many experts that heard this story told Susan that there was a good chance that Klinger would not survive the ordeal.

But Susan was determined to help. So Susan gave the little bird everything that he needed, and he grew stronger with every passing day. As he grew up he learned to fly, and feed himself, and even learn to take baths. Watch this incredible video that shows his whole journey.

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