She Goes Near A Wild Horse. When She Kneels Down To Take Its Photograph? AMAZING!

“Strong Women, Wild Horses” is a series of film portraits about women photographers who have devoted themselves to filming how horses live in the wild. These incredible photographers have documented areas like the Great Basin, one of the few remaining untamed places in the USA to find free-roaming horses. Their brilliant works show us how these wild horses live in harsh and feral territories that test the limits of mankind.

This gorgeous film not only shows the majestic aura of the horses, but also reveals how these horses are caught in the middle of a fierce land battle. Ranching industry stresses for more land for cattle, and oil producers plot to extend massive pipelines across the country; but none of them stop to think the effects they are causing on the lives of these animals. Their home has become a war zone. And these photographers are there to capture both sides of the story – the beauty of horses living in the wild and the current tragedy in the lives as they are being driven to extinction.

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