She Hands Cute Porcupine A Piece Of Corn. When She Tries To Take It, Porcupine Say “My Corn”.

When someone says: “Hey, look at that cute animal,” we tend to think of dogs, cats or bears. We have to admit that porcupines are not exactly first on the list. However, this story is different. It will change your views of porcupines, how they communicate and what they are capable of feeling. Cuteness can be found in the least expected places. Porcupines are equipped with very sharp quills. So, we don’t recommend you trying to get near one and petting him.

A porcupine might seem like a very frightening animal to anyone who has never encountered one before. That doesn’t mean that they cannot be adorable. Whenever they are going about their day and they don’t feel threatened, the sharp quills lay flat. These animals are actually very cute unless they are treated in a way that forces to be defensive.

The porcupine in this story has gotten a level of fame that most YouTubers would give an arm and a leg for. Thanks to his cool attitude, he’s won himself a lot of people over. He is so cute that he is referred to as Teddy Bear? And that’s without a single trace of irony He currently works at Zooniversity and this company works wonders for many people.

Children are taught about all about wildlife. They have a lot of animals and the kids especially like to see them. Teddy was originally rescued in western Texas. He had been left an orphan and was given a second chance at life. His caretaker Allison has developed an unbreakable bond with him. It was built around treats and snacks. He loves to get sweet potatoes and corn on the cob every day if he can.

When Teddy’s caretaker gives him some corn on the cob to eat, he knew that he was in for a treat. His response when she tries to get him to share his corn will make you tear from laughter. When the lady tries to grab the corn and take it away, the sound that Teddy makes sounds an awful lot like “my corn!”, right? Or maybe this is what we are choosing to believe Teddy says.

Teddy’s video has now gone viral with over 8 million views! Eat has become popular because of his unique eating habits. To be honest, we don’t think we had never heard a sound like that before. To think that not long ago he was an orphan with very little chances of survival. Today, his life is filled with joy, corn, and a lot of love. Don’t forget to share!