She Sang Like Whitney Houston. But When They Opened The Door? Magic.

Cyniah began her singing journey with a viral video that garnered over 4 million views. When she came to the ‘American Idol’ auditions she chose to perform “You are the Reason” by Harry Styles. Then Ryan Seacrest decided to surprise her by opening the door and letting her family peek in.

Cyniah Elise, a 17-year-old singer from Atlanta, Georgia, came to the ‘American Idol’ auditions with a big smile and an even bigger social media presence. She had once sung “Change Me” during a family gathering, and the video went viral, getting over 4 million views on Facebook. Now she’s ready to take the next step, and that step involves a man by the name of Harry Styles.

Cyniah chose to sing “You are the Reason,” performing a powerful rendition of the song that Lionel likened to Whitney Houston. During the judges’ comments, Ryan Seacrest opened the door so her family could peek in.

Interested in seeing Cyniah Elise singing “Change Me” when she was just a young thing? Here’s a video: