She Sings Her Dog a Gentle Christmas Tune – 
The Pup’s Reaction Proves Christmas Magic Is Real

This heart-warming video was released on YouTube by the young musician and her beloved dog, Dina. Andrade performs the classic Christmas tune, “Christmas Time is Here”, for her pet and she accompanies the song with the gentle, rippling sound of her acoustic guitar.

The classic tune, “Christmas Time Is Here”, became an instant hit when it was released in 1965 by the Vince Guaraldi Trio on the album, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, and it was the opening song for an animated TV special of the same name.

Woman Serenades Dog

There have been countless versions of this lovely song recorded since, and it remains popular today with people everywhere celebrating the joys of the season.

In the YouTube video, the reaction of Daniela’s little dog to this beautiful rendition of an old favorite is just adorable. Dina gazes into her owner’s face with loving intent, and we can see her little body visibly relax in response to the soothing tones.

Judging by the huge viewer response, this video is a sensation not only to music-lovers everywhere but also to the world’s dog lovers.

Who says that a little fluffy dog can’t share the spirit of Christmas and touch the hearts of strangers right across the globe?

If this video touched your heart, share it because Christmas comes but once a year and this is so very special.

She Sings Her Dog a Gentle Christmas Tune - 
The Pup\'s Reaction Proves Christmas Magic Is Real