She Was Raised By A Prisoner. What Happens When She Says Goodbye Will Leave You In Tears! Aww!

We mostly think prison as a violent and scary place and this may be true in most cases. However there are some people in prisons who deserve a chance to make a positive difference to the society. In this video we see prisoners in a rehabilitation program being given a chance to bring change by training dogs so that they may be successfully adopted. The results help to change both prisoner and the dog for the better.

In this video we see a dog called Esther that has been rescued from a puppy mill. It is heartbreaking to see how scared she is because of the trauma she has suffered. She is then put through the prison trained K-9 rehabilitation program. She forms a strong bond with Jason, her inmate companion and it just broke my heart to see them say goodbye to each other after her successful rehabilitation.

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