This Sheep Is About To Give Birth. But Pay Close Attention To The Little Girl In Red! OMG!

This video shows a three-year-old girl in the middle of something no other girls even dream of doing. It is not for the faint of heart. This video is absolutely one of a kind.

A sheep was flat on the ground and appeared to need help. The little girl appeared to have both her hands on the sheep or in the sheep, it was hard to tell. Her mother kept asking her to feel the foot and the nose. What was she talking about? The girl apparently had her hands somewhere around the sheep hind quarters.

So the girl started yanking. She pulled and pulled and holy cow! Out came two tiny hoofed legs! Was this for real? She started to harder with one hand on each leg! The legs were almost all out and the mother had to help her and the next thing we saw? There was that nose!

The girl had just almost single-handedly helped the sheep give birth to a baby lamb. It goes without saying that she is the youngest obstetrician in training and already an experienced midwife.

Now, for those of you who think that it was too much and regret watching this video, there is a natural and easy way out. You can pretend that this scene was all staged special effects. The camera only showed a fairly small part of the sheep after all. God bless!