The Shelter Decided It Had To Euthanize A Cat Who Was ‘Unadoptable’ But An Hour Later…

When an orange tabby named Benben arrived at the animal shelter, it didn’t look good. The cat had some serious injuries, including deep cuts, a cauliflower ear, and a crushed spine. The veterinarians were convinced that he would never walk again. So Benben was chalked-up as “unadoptable” and scheduled for euthanasia. Over the next few days, presumed to be his last, shelter staff said it seemed like Benben knew his fate. He stopped eating and drinking and was just lying there in his cage looking miserable. A picture of him was posted on-line and he soon became known as “the saddest cat on the internet.”

Just one day before Benben was scheduled to be put to sleep, someone came to have a look at him. She was an assistant for an emergency room veterinarian and had heard about this “unadoptable” cat. What she saw was a cat who needed a home and lots of love. So she adopted him!

An hour after arriving at his new home, Benben was already a different cat. He looked happier, started purring, and wanted to cuddle. He felt safe and loved and that alone seems to have been the best medicine for him. Contrary to what the vets expected, Benben was eventually back up on his feet. His convalescence took months, but in due course he was able to run and even jump (although only short distances). Benben is back to enjoying his favorite activities: sleeping, playing, and of course, trying to get a taste of his human parents’ food.

We’ve posted a video about Benben’s adoption and amazing recovery. It shows that a little love really can go a long way.

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