Shelter Dog Loves To Keep His Kennel Clean! What He Does EVERY Morning? ADORABLE Beyond Words!

Rush is a one year old puppy who is unlike any other pup you have ever met. He probably might be the one of the most organized dogs in the world. When staff members at the Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals in Kettering, Ohio noticed Rush’s habit of making his own bed, they decided to share it to the world! And boy are we glad!

According to the shelter, Rush has been with them for 30 days. He is still waiting for a loving forever home, though. He is a friendly pooch and he gets along with other dogs when he is outside. But indoors, he wants to be the only one. So anyone thinking of adopting him would need to have a dog-free home before adopting him. Wait till you see this adorable guy!

Rush is a medium sized dog and a possible bull dog mix of some kind. He has wonderful hazel eyes and is so cute. He has the sweetest face and little floppy ears. He loves his blanket and likes to  keep his bed nice and neat. In this clip you can see him making his bed.

Even his food and water bowls are tidy so he can’t turn them over. He seems calm and collected and ready to be adopted. His tail is wagging happily in the video, but I’m sure after 30 days, he is so ready for a forever home. What a little sweetie.

Watch Rush keeping his kennel nice and cozy in the video below and let us know what you thought about it through your comments!

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