Shelter Dog Was Saved From Euthanasia By A ‘Dog Listener’

A rescue dog called Cerberus was found in an open prison in Johannesburg in South Africa. Due to his aggressive behavior was scheduled to be put to sleep. Fortunately, the SPCA allowed a young woman (YouTube user “22bradshaw”) to work with the dog to find out if there was any possibility he could be rehabilitated. This wonderful “dog listener” decided to wait until Cerberus was ready to trust a human, instead of speeding things up. What she really needed was to earn his trust and begin bonding with him before he would be euthanized.

The following video features Cerberus on his journey towards a brand-new life, and was posted to YouTube back in 2009. Every day, our devoted animal hero visited Cerberus, getting closer and closer to him (both physically and emotionally). The poor dog considered human hands to be weapons, so the girl had to be extremely careful and patient so as not to anger or threaten him. And only on the sixth day, she decided to call him over to her side.

But nobody expected what happened next, as the miracles didn’t end there. Watch what happened to Cerberus’ starving puppy who was living at the same shelter…

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