This Shelter Dog Wants A Human To Take Her Home SO BADLY, So She Does The Most Adorable Thing Ever!

Waiting around in a shelter can be a stressful time for a dog. Suddenly, the future becomes so uncertain. You are unsure what your new family will be like or even when you will get a new family. Sure, it’s nice to make lots of new dog friends, but honestly it would be nice to have a little personal space. THe idea of having a whole house and yard to run around in just sounds like heaven to these dogs. If only someone would just come along and adopt them, all of these stresses and worries would just go away.

Perhaps there is a way that these dogs can be adopted faster. Perhaps there is a way that some of these dogs can speed up the process. If one of these dogs could just do something strange and incredible, they might get some attention, and getting extra attention seems like the perfect way to speed up the adoption process.

Well, this little dog at this shelter has found the perfect way to get everyone’s attention, even the internet’s. Everyone was shocked at first, and then she became the star of the shelter.

In this absolutely delightful video, a newly rescued dog gets up and does a little dance for the camera. And when we say dance, we really mean dance. This isn’t just some does swaying back and forth to music. This dog is by everyone’s accounts a star dancer. You’ll just have to see this for yourselves. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this was as hilarious and delightful as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends. SHARE this precious video with all your friends on Facebook right now because this is just too cute to pass up. It will brighten everybody’s day and make you happy, too!