Shelter Does Video To Bring Awareness Of Special Needs Cat. What Happens Next? AMAZING.

Humans are far from the only species to have special needs. Every other species has young that develop syndromes or are different-looking at birth. Cats have their own sets of issues, including something called Manx Syndrome. It’s when a cat is born without two of its vertebrae and it also lacks control of its bowels. A shelter collaborated with a video studio to tell the tale of one such cat and it received SUCH an amazing response.

The star of the video was Bebe, a kitten who has Manx Syndrome. He has to wear diapers, but other than that, he’s a normal, sweet cat. He jumps around at toys and loves to be held and pet. The video became viral in the blink of an eye and offers to adopt him came in like a tidal wave. The shelter that rescued Bebe, Cats At The Studios Rescue, had a LOT of people to sift through to see who would bring him to a forever home.

They screened a LOT of people, and ultimately decided to send him to Arizona. A woman who lived there had experience raising cats with Manx Syndrome, so it was a perfect match. When the video showed her cuddling him against her shoulder, it was very obvious that they had made the right choice. This kitten already was dealt a harsh hand, so they didn’t want to compound the matter… and they didn’t.

It takes a special person to care for any creature with these kinds of needs, be it a person or an animal. They can show so much love and they deserve to have that reciprocated. Also, the Internet has taken a beating recently, especially for its propensity for dealing in fake news. Something like this adds a few points back on the plus side of its ledger. It’s not THAT much, but it does put it in a good light for now…

Words can’t describe how adorable Bebe is. Maybe you might have better luck describing how cute he is in the comments section below.

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