This Sheltie Pup Sees A Baby In His House. His Reaction To Its Presence? PRICELESS!

“What?Another one of those videos with a dog meeting a baby for the first time…” you might grumble to yourself when you see this description. While they don’t seem to be as popular as silly cat or dog videos, whose numbers equal the number of stars in this Milky Way galaxy, these particular ones can be plentiful. Which can mean repetitive themes, I grant that… This one’s an exception, though. I promise you.

It starts with a Sheltie excitedly running into a room to see a baby already sitting there. He barks and races up to it and then backs off… and then runs up again. Then it starts just plopping down, like “HI THERE!” Soon the baby starts to crawl towards him. Ooh. Tag! The game is afoot! Who will win? He races circles around the infant, who seems very amused by all of this. The game is concluded when the dog licks the baby on the cheek and then both just start wandering around aimlessly. Told you this was a different type of video.

Both baby and Sheltie seemed to enjoy the game immensely. Perhaps they will continue to play things like this as the baby gets older. The only sad thing is that the dog will get older and slower while the child gets bigger and faster. Oh well. Such is the pattern of life. We all should enjoy it while we can. It’ll all be over before we know it. it would be nice to see videos of the baby and the dog maybe once a year.

Again, time to don the party-pooper hat. It was good that the mommy was there, but this was a VERY excitable dog. He was controlling his body well, but all it takes is one overrun and there’s a screaming, upset baby in the house. Also, as nice as this dog is, they can be unpredictable. Mommy should NEVER leave them alone together. OK, party-pooper hat is off.

This was ADORABLE. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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