Sheriff’s Deputy Finds An Abandoned Pit Bull, But Then He Brings Him To The Vet

It’s very common for deputy Noah Johnson to find an occasional stray or two during his daily duties as a deputy, but on one fateful day, he did everything that he could for a special dog he found. It happened in Tampa Bay, Florida, where the deputy lives. During his shift, he found an abandoned and badly hurt pit bull who was in desperate need of help. Despite his obvious stray condition, the dog was friendly, which meant it had been abandoned recently. Pit bulls so often have reputations for being aggressive, but that is not true of most and clearly wasn’t true for this one.

The dog was in very poor condition, so deputy Johnson took him to the veterinarian immediately to have him checked out. That’s when he discovered that he wasn’t even microchipped, which made it more likely for him to be euthanized if he wasn’t eventually rescued. So this kind deputy decided to do something even more special to help this pit bull. It was truly a lucky day for them both.

The situation seemed tough, but thanks to a magazine editor named Anna Cook, there was a way to help him. After featuring Deputy Johnson’s picture in her magazine, an animal rescue group named Humane Society of Tampa Bay quickly stepped in to take care of the pup. Thanks to all of their collaboration, the pit bull was able to receive proper care and eventually a loving home.

See all of this amazing collaboration for an animal in the following video below.

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