She’s Brokenhearted Because She Can’t Keep Rescue Puppy. Then A Celebrity Gave Her A Box…

Seven-year-old Elizabeth has already proven that she is brave beyond her years. Recently this seven-year-old wonder volunteered for a difficult mission rescuing pets. New Jersey, where Elizabeth lives, has a terrible problem with animals living on the street, and Elizabeth made the decision to change this by taking action herself. She volunteered to help and quickly met a puppy she fell in love with. But she was crushed to find out she couldn’t keep him just yet. She feared she would never see him again.

Obviously she gets very upset about the bad news because she very quickly formed a close bond with the pup. As you watch the video below, you will see that she can barely talk as she remembers the dog she couldn’t keep. Her reaction is heartbreaking. But never fear because events quickly take a turn for the better.

Elizabeth had already named the puppy Lorelai and just loved her and wanted to give her a loving forever home. A famous TV Talk Show host that we all know, Meredith Viera, heard about Elizabeth’s story and wanted to help. She hands Elizabeth a box and when she opens it, well, get your tissues ready. You will cry tears of joy.

Watch this touching video yourself!


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