She’s Brokenhearted Because She Can’t Keep Her Rescue Puppy. Then Gave Her A Big Box…

Elizabeth is only a 7-year-old girl, but she already has shown bravery beyond her years. She recently volunteered for a pet rescue mission. She lives in New Jersey, where there is a very serious issue with stray animals, and that’s why she decided to try and make a difference herself. While she was on the mission, she found a puppy that won her heart over instantly, but to her disappointment, they wouldn’t allow her to keep the puppy herself just yet.

She’s very young, and obviously, she gets attached to the little pup very quickly, and is very distraught by the sad news. As you can see in the clip below, the girl can barely speak as she recalls the puppy that she couldn’t have, and it really breaks my heart to see such a sad story. But fortunately, things get much better by the end!

She recalls that she already had a name for the puppy, Lorelai, and she really wanted to take care of her. Meredith Viera, the host from the famous TV talk show, was very touched by Elizabeth’s story, and she had a surprise saved just for her. She gives her a box, and when the little girl opens it, it’s just tears and tears all around.

Watch this touching video for yourself right below!

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