She’s Hiding Her Face From The Cameras. When Mama Says THIS, I Knew Why. HILARIOUS!

There was a time generally known as the golden era of television, a time when everything on TV was so creative and fresh. The problem with fresh is that nothing stays fresh forever. TV show would start to go downhill and really fall off with the advent of the internet and social media competing for our attention.

Ironically, YouTube, which has taken away so many regular TV viewers, is the perfect vehicle to take us back to the golden era of television. This is clip of a blooper scene from the “Mama’s Family” sketch of The Carol Burnett Show.

Tim Conway cracked up both the live audience and the cast members to no end in his intermittent and unending monologue about a circus elephant. The elephant was in love with the dwarf trainer who put a ballerina skirt on the behemoth, squashed him and was killed and then they were buried together; Siamese elephants in a freak show; and so on.

That was no laugh track you’re hearing in this clip. It’s a real live audience cracking up all over the place. The cast including Conway himself could not keep a straight face throughout. It’s hilarious but it doesn’t prepare you for what Mama played by Vicki Lawrence would say next.

Well, Mama only managed to floor all the cast members. She knocked them out without lifting a finger. The audience members couldn’t stop laughing and clapping. She tickled them to death! See for yourself.