Dad Playing with Toddler in The Rain Is Simply Adorable

This is one of the most feel-good videos of all time! I hope you’re ready to open your heart and let the sunshine in because this little gem is gonna do it.

It features a cute little toddler named Harper and her dad. Whenever it rained, her parents noticed her fascination with the raindrops on the window. But the little baby had never had the chance to play outside in the rain. So they decided to let their little girl experience the warm summer rain for herself.


You are going to melt when you see the reaction of this baby. It is priceless, to say the least! I still can’t stop the smile on my face. Her parents treasure these little moments they have together and state that these moments with her make all their dreams come true. Little Harper is going to make your day for sure!

I think part of Harper’s enthusiasm for the rain comes from her dad, who also seems to enjoy it. He’s holding her and they are in the garage, and it is really coming down outside, but it’s still kind of gentle rain. She’s watching with wide eyes and when dad suggests they go out in the rain, she gives him a big smile. They run out into the driveway and dance around a little bit. She’s so excited that when they come back in the garage, all she wants to do is go back outside in the rain.

Dad Playing with Toddler in The Rain Is Simply Adorable