She’s never seen the rain before. When dad does this next, your heart will melt

This is one of the best feel-good videos ever made! It has an adorable little child named Harper and her doting father. When it would rain, her parents saw that she was engrossed with the raindrops on the window. The little cutie never had the chance to go outside in the rain and really play. So they finally let the precious little girl go out and experience the warm summer rain for herself.

You will just melt away when you see how this little joy responds. It is so priceless! Her parents love to make these little memories for her and they want to share them with the world.

A lot of Harper’s excitement for the rain comes from her father, who genuinely seems to enjoy it himself. He’s holding her as they stand in the garage while it pours outside with the overhead door open. She can’t believe her eyes and then when dad suggests they go out in the rain she really gets amped up!

They quickly run out and then come right back inside and the excitement for the little girl really begins to mount to a fever pitch. They go back out again and again until finally, dad realizes he created a monster because that’s all Harper wants to do now.

This clip is so incredibly precious and I think that you’ll agree and want to share your thoughts as well as pass the video along to your family!