She’s Very Picky With Her Food, But The Way He Tricked Her? SO Funny!

If you’ve ever had a pet living with you at home, you probably know that some of them can be very picky with their food. Like small human toddlers, dogs and cats can be very selective and stubborn when it comes to what they eat and what they don’t eat, and watching them spout at you when you give them their least favorite snack is always hilarious.

In the following video, you’ll meet Luna, a Golden Retriever pup who has a very particular taste for her food. Her parents try very hard to feed her as she pleases, so that she doesn’t get underfed, but often they find that it’s too difficult to convince her to eat what she needs. She only seems to like things that are cooked in an oven. So fancy!

You’ll see Luna’s dad trying to convince her to eat a bowl of food that he prepared for her. Luna is obviously not too keen on the idea, because the food in the bowl didn’t come from the oven, so how good could it be? Thankfully, Dad has the perfect plan to go over this peculiar problem, and it’s too cute to be true!

Watch it for yourself in the hilarious video that we put right below.

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